Why Sponsor TEA Walk

Gain exposure to over 3,300 community members from across Georgia and the South in one venue and increase your organizational reach through promotion and event coverage.

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in Georgia with over 373,900 people in the state. Celebrate and build positive relationships with Georgia's Asian American and immigrant communities.

Partners with CPACS and our mission to promote self-sufficiency and equity for immigrants and refugees!

Way to Sponsor TEA Walk

There are two ways you can sponsor the events

Sponsoring TEA Walk 2018 with your donation enables us to continue to provide our community a celebration of Asian heritage with an empowerment walk, quality entertainment, and community programs that support our mission. In return, sponsors will be prominently promoted throughout the event. This gives us the opportunity to promote sponsors that are willing to support minorities, particularly Asian Americans and to help us promote our mission of self-sufficiency and equity. As a nonprofit, CPACS is limited on resources and is always in need of a variety of services and items that your business may offer. 

Provide a cash Donation

Provide a cash donation to help cover the expenses of TEA Walk 2018 and support CPACS's mission.

Provide in-kind products

Provide in-kind products, such as food, drinks, supplies, entertainment, equipment, or media time, or in-kind services, such as photographers.

Thanks To Our Sponsors