TEA Walk since 2005

 For the last 12 years, ever-increasing numbers of Atlanta’s diverse communities have participated in TEA Walk. We walk in solidarity as one family, one community and one America in the largest empowerment walk of its kind in the South – TEA Walk, Together Empowering All.

At TEA Walk, we walk in unity to celebrate the diversity of our community and to promote civic engagement. After a two-mile empowerment walk along Buford Highway in Atlanta, Georgia, CPACS hosts a dynamic community fair and stage show, complete with light refreshments, music, dance, sponsorship booths and speeches from local community leaders, all free of charge!

TEA Walk 2016 boasted over 3,000 participants. Many ethnic groups were represented including some 20 different ethnic communities, associations, religious affiliations, local universities, community allies, and media. This year we aim to host 3,100 people for TEA Walk 2017!

CPACS 13th anniversary TEA Walk is scheduled for October 14, 2017 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at CPACS main building. The theme is "We are Georgia Hear our Stories"

Let’s walk together, at TEA Walk 2017!